The first semester
2012/10/13 .14 Ming Chuan Ying Rian pipe joint Welcome Residential Camp
2012/12/15 (Preliminary) 12/21 (Final) new Cup Choral Competition
2012/12/27 Fireworks Festival

The second semester
  2013/03/23 Ming Chuan 56 Anniversary cum Cheerleading Dance Competition
  2013/03/27 Department of Nei Kala OK Contest
  2013/05/06 ~ 2013/05/10 Ying Day Week

We should learn Japanese at 101 made ​​the second annual choir competition! Wan Wan years old years old ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ten thousand years old
The following is the link to the song

56 Anniversary cum Cheerleading Dance Competition remarkable performance was proud to be Japanese! !
Can not find the props version ご noodles.
The following is the dance links


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