Chang Gung Health Village Teams

2013 Health Village Teams-Garden party

1. Venue: Chang Gung Health and Culture Village
2. Meeting Time: 4/27 (six) 7:00
3. Meeting Place: Ming Chuan University side door
4. Own to, please at 7:30 set directly on the Health Village
5. If you want to participate, please let us know whether own car.
6. Traffic problems can ask me
Please inviting people come together to help big Hello!
Has confirmed that may be present in person, you can refer to the following items selected service content,
Otherwise, from the hospital to help you decide Hello!


Shuttle guidance office (4 persons)
Parking Guidance Office (4 persons)
Fixed guide service staff (4 persons)
Reward Tong Navigation (2 persons)
Extension to break language rubbing Point Services (18 persons)
Stage three DIY photography group (1 person)
DIY inlet guide group (3 persons)

Contact Person:廖文瑋