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♥ Tea party for freshmen

♥ Welcome Residential Camp

Department of Economics Department of Information Engineering and joint Welcome Residential Camp activity, led by freshman school siblings to Ilan Wulaokeng

Two days one night camping life, with activities checkpoints so they know each other outside of school siblings also allow them to learn the meaning of solidarity.

♥ Freshman Cup Choral Competition

With this activity make big life with a variety of life, but also to large tasks in a busy life to add some fun and make new students learn teamwork, the importance of communication and coordination, and to enjoy the joy of singing Tips!

♥ Cheering Championship

Department of Economics, we began practicing at a school dance Lala, every day I got to 10 o'clock, our theme is the special operations forces!!!

♥ Karaoke competition

Semester each year, there will always be one to hold the Department on to four Kara (singing) competition, this time there will be a lot of love to sing, like to show people there. These people are very particular, some familiar people around us details singing master, some are looking silently and began to sing, but explosive full figure.


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