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Societies per semester routine gathering every Tuesday night from 18:00 to 20:30, place in schools H403. Weekly meetings, we will invite speakers from around the world, sharing different themes, diverse and rich content.

In addition, each semester we will with the school activities and Christian season, New Year tea party, camping and Christmas, Easter special evenings; another prayer meeting one hour a week before the big party the whole community, the guidance of societies The teacher came to campus every week and join us.

In the general community activities, on Tuesday afternoon, we have a "read along with freshman group", accompanied by the seniors juniors who read the Bible or belief creating teaching materials by with the group, you can share the joy with each other, sharing life the pressure on to help school brother and sisters know the faith and care for their needs.

Friday at noon, we also have sister school graduate to lead our Bible, let us know the truth about the Bible, let us know how to comply with the commandments of God, let us also learn the likeness of Christ and learn to love one another, because Christians greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. If new students and friends want to participate in Faith, Hope and Love social activities is quite welcome, welcome to get to know the Christian faith to understand Christians do!!!