A. Origin of Societies

    "Wood Guitar Club" formerly known as "Le Club" from the 86 years since its establishment has been the 11th, but by a group of music lovers who love the guitar jointly founded by college societies. Hope through a dedicated heart, and lead us experience a rich musical enjoyment, in college where memories can jointly create a bearing extraordinary "wood guitar club."


B. the purpose (why should form associations)

Acoustic guitar is the most common and most convenient sing musical instruments, folk era in the most common and easiest to think of is carrying a folk singer looks ordinary acoustic guitar, riding a motorcycle to the restaurant in the folk singing, stuck speakers, slowly a plucked, tells a soulful lyrics, the audience will be able overawed attention, it belongs to the guitar's unique charm. 

    Today there are still quite a lot of people aspire to have great interest in the guitar, in addition to their teaching textbooks to buy this guitar, guitar buying support their own self, the easiest and most affordable way is to join the community. In the community, we teach you how to learn in addition to the right guitar method, how the guitar learn better, but also teach you a lot about musical knowledge. The kind and friendly community cadres and allow everyone to feel the warmth of society Oh!

C. goals


    The recent plan is to be able to make various cadres awareness of their responsibilities and duties which can be processed to do things their own responsibility, develop responsibility, and then slowly into position, familiar with the situation, adapt to conditions, the last successful step on track. Between cadres to achieve mutual cooperation, coordination, calm communication, build revolutionary spirit, work together as a society to pay. Between members, hoping to slowly through mutual guidance through some of the questions or extracurricular activities, and slowly cultivate associations between emotions. Between cadres and members, to hold the attitude of mutual respect and trust, cadres should be warm, cordial active guidance of new ones, and if you have any questions about membership should be modest and polite proposed societies cultivate a warm family.


    Inherit and retain the last old traditional activity, success can be held smoothly and exquisite wonderful than the next session, activities to be more progressive and diverse, constantly passed along. Each member will be able to overcome the culture intense pressure, the ability to perform on stage. Therefore, we should organize more activities of foreign performers, this can start with social activities within the test and results are published on a regular basis as well as the school's street performance to accumulate strength, and ask the teacher or a review to give encouragement and advice to enable them to one side spot performance while training to enhance their capabilities.


    In addition to inherited the old activities, I hope to have more breakthrough innovations possible, the new cadres group can have more creative ideas discussed out more effectively, and these ideas must be constructive and to blend imagination and try to to plan and achieve attainable. Like you can with other properties to perform cooperative societies, breaking the previous single community performing monotonous situation. However, by the school to participate in his performances and demonstration activities, to review the advantages and disadvantages of their own community, and make improvements, or even actively participate in large and small game to test their strength and performance quality and worth watching. Whether internal or external, there are many activities and performance opportunities are able to make more progress and growth of the community, ought to go to try to challenge, and more to touch someone else's show, this is the most direct and most able to follow objects towards community Higher on the opportunities.