Introduction & History

Service College students, for the purpose, and is responsible for the reaction of the students opinions and communicate school policies and principles of co-ordinating role, under the supervision of the school, hospital, so that students understand the operation of the school administration and the training has good language skills and professionals.
The other purpose of the Council is to contact the feelings of the Taiwanese and foreigners, and the integration of the nation's culture to communicate with each other different mode of life, and a variety of activities to do with foreigners interact and learn from each other activities which national culture.


International College aims to inspire students’ potential in quality
learning for the commitment to serve local and international community
through education internationalization


G1: To inspire quality learning by encouraging the love for learning and
developing the ability to think critically

G2: Promote Educational internationalization through programs of
international standards

G3: To serve the local and international community through balanced
training in theory and practice and career advising for the global

Special Feature

English as the language of instruction and interaction in class: The four-year undergraduate curriculum of IC is conducted in English, which is the first such institution in Taiwan.

Cross-cultural interactions and global view in an international community: Currently, International College has more than three hundred students from 61 different countries, including, Germany, Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Korea, USA, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Canada, Jordan and more.

Dual degree and exchange options: IC encourages students to study abroad for one to two semesters at the universities which have cooperative agreements with Ming Chuan University.