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A. Second robot fighting contest and a special prize Challenge
Registration Time: 02/011 700 for
Competition Time: 02/24
Venue: DMP Electronics Co., Ltd. (New Taipei City District five workers Rd on the 15th)
Expected entries: Humanoid Robots Fighting
Competition regulations:
Competition Website:
B. Tamkang robotics research Club two Club exchange activities
Time: 05/11
Location: Tamkang University
C.ROBOCON ─ RBL robot fighting contest
Registration Time: 03/31
Competition Time: 5/18 (six) and 5/19 (Sun)
Venue: Huashan 1914 Creative Park East 2B Hall (Bade Rd on the 1st)
Expected entries: robot fighting contest
Competition regulations:
Competition Website:
D.2013 years Intelligent Robot Contest (SE field)
Registration Time: From now on ~ 04/24 (three)
Competition Time: 05/26 (Sun)
Venue: Southeast University
Expected entries:
* Robots race or Robot Sumo (Lego)
Remote wheeled robot arena
Wheeled robot tracking (Lego, niche)
* Biped Robot 3 m steeplechase (Lego)
Competition regulations:
Competition Website: