If you have the same enthusiasm like us toward dance or you want to learn different kinds of dances such as Lockin'/Hip-Hop/Poppin'/Breakin'/Girl's style, please come join us.

【Practice Time】

Lockin: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 18:00-21:00

Poppin: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 18:00-21:00

Hip-hop: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 18:00-21:00

Girl style: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 18:00-21:00

Breaking: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday Course 18:00-21:00

Lockin: Wednesday Poppin: Monday 18:00-21:00

Hip-hop: Tuesday 18:00-21:00

Girl style: Wednesday 18:00-21:00

Breaking: Tuesday 18:00-21:00

【Practice Place】

The Student Activities Centre B1 Dance Classroom.


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