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Opening Conference of 2012 academic year

Really happy to see you full of joy to welcome you ~ ~ Welcome! Welcome!
News Agency welcomes new members to join!!
Everyone familiar with each other, to share their own mind, eating delicious omelets seniors enthusiastic sponsorship ~
Revolution emotions and feelings in such partner under robust seedlings, let us become a hot-blooded human societies it!
News Yanxishe ~ Charge!!!!

2012 doomsday message!!!

Mayan Prophecy December 23, 2012 will be the human world catastrophe.
You believe it?
When the earth shattering, let an when, can leave behind, what is it?
Write down the wall to doomsday message you want to say it! Matter what, and finally to leave, perhaps a moment of.
Pick up the chalk, write down in your heart that sentence now!

Christmas gift exchange!!!

Snow drift, the bell rang, Santa Claus driving his sleigh across the sky, sent a blessing.
Though have passed the age of journeying to wait for Santa Claus, but would like to receive a gift of hope of the heart,
Not with age dying.

Little mind, greatly blessed, we have received the gift they want yet?


Ending Gatherings!!!

Ending Beano,Eat hot pot together!

Chopsticks to move faster,Much food to eat!!!

Hope everyone can eat, and I feel warm

he last group photo, we are filled with satisfied and happy smile.

#Will be the happy ending#

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by Dr. Radut