activity Subject:

Club tour through the annual increase of cadres and members to each other's emotional and harmony degrees, more by visiting the Museum of the Taiwan Stock Exchange to increase the stock of knowledge and substantive concepts, an understanding of its historical background, so that communities are no longer only a classroom lesson commentary, but there are more fun.

Time: 102/04/08


In the classroom are often taught theoretical aspects, but never come into contact with the real stock, but do not know its historical background, with this club tour, to visit Taiwan stocks Museum to find out, to let members and cadres to better understand the birth and development of the stock, but also because of increased freshwater trip cadres and members to each other's feelings.


activity Subject:

Possessed a risk-free way of interesting network competition, the actual financial management through investment simulation, so that our students are on campus,

Understanding of the actual financial status of the school days for combining theory and practice, as early as their financial planning.

Time: from 101 years October 3 morning 9:00 start to 101 years at 20:00 on October 29 End
Winners announced Time: Republic 101 years at 14:00 on November 9th