Political views candidates

President candidate 詹雅璇 
Vice President candidate 莊文進 

Political views candidates:

1.  Hope to teach more cohesion Chinese Department of the centripetal force, and the Department of Education is committed to service China
2.  Some good activities will continue to be passed along, the course of activities will listen to your views
3.  Before doing any activity will first ask you for your opinion, so that everyone can participate, combined with everyone's views
4. Some sporting events, such as basketball, volleyball, participating students are very hard, we have to pay more attention to the development of the Department team
5. Want to make seniors and juniors who are more familiar with each other, not just the immediate seniors only
6 more exchanges with other department, so do not even understand the Chinese Department of the excellent teaching system



President candidate:白哲瑋
Vice President candidate:邱暐凌

President needs to have action, influence, passion, and most importantly, time management, if I became president, I will make every effort to Chinese education system as a priority to pay, because I believe that Chinese education system will be better.
I hope after the Department of Society can become more enthusiastic laughter, trying to make everyone feel China next juniors and music to teach family feeling.

Political views candidates:

1. Best Teamwork
2. Game activities on the department
3. Adhere to in the end of the heritage



President candidate:劉彥佑
Vice President candidate:陳慶安

1. Organize a cohesive, with force, and to serve the Chinese education system for the purpose of the team.
2. Cultural heritage
3. Improve Chinese education system centripetal
4. Multi-line contact with the outside activities among the Chinese education system in order to stimulate activities in popularity, erected a bridge of friendship.
5. Team Development Department
6. Use of personnel
7. Academic society fee for maximum efficiency and strict budget control, to avoid unnecessary expenditure, various activities are also actively seeking sponsorship to reduce the financial burden.