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Given Taiwan's burgeoning music trends, such as Kenting Spring Scream, Fulong Sea Music Festival, etc., to promote local culture and enhance their musical literacy, inflammation wind trend driven society hopes to Taoyuan local music culture, the unit is not a single school foundation for creating exclusive Taoyuan culture, the student movement and the pursuit of common development and work perfect music!

By pushing the hot air sent Orchestra Society, or Union with other partner schools organize large-scale music festival orchestra performances, this is not only to enhance the quality of the music, the stage, student exchanges, it is apparent spirit of university autonomy and local culture in Taoyuan students who feedback and contributions.

Finally the long-term planning, but want to make the community nature with Taiwan's other musical societies rival, showing a unique and attractive, different from the past, and exclusive Taoyuan music festival.

Taoyuan's music now rise, and we are not just appeal to the huge popularity performances, but rather a genuine part of the stage musical, cultural halls and student organizations pure sport, I believe that the future development of brilliant!


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