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A Brief History of the Society

The association submitted an application for establishment in April of the 110th academic year, and in July of the 111th academic year according to the student association organization and activity guidance method

Club activities begin after the inaugural meeting.
Although it has been established for less than a year, it has accumulated nearly 80 members. The members of the club have a strong understanding of skateboarding.
interests, there are also professional instructors and cadres with experience in skateboarding. In addition to the guidance of skateboarding techniques, the skateboarding club also
Recreational and service-oriented activities are often held and combined with skateboarding. These activities not only allow members of the club to enhance each other
The exchange and understanding of skateboarding also contributed to the promotion and teaching of skateboarding in schools.




Community Major

Community characteristics


future development

Short-term goal (within 1 year): Consolidate the status in the school and get the special award in the association evaluation.

1. Increase the club's popularity: publicize club activities and achievements through social media and online platforms
As a result, increase the exposure and popularity of the community.
2. Seriously manage clubs: won the honor of the first sports club in the school, and won the club evaluation
Kam Premium.
3. Cooperation and exchanges with other schools: maintain friendly relations with neighboring schools, and actively hold cross-school associations
Friendship gatherings, and jointly organize large-scale activities, so that Beiming Skateboard Club can show itself in the circle
4. Recruit new members: Promote clubs in schools and communities to attract more skateboard enthusiasts
Join the club, increase the strength of the club and expand the team to enhance competitiveness.
5. Hold a variety of activities: hold various skateboards such as competitions, parties, and services
Activities, so that members have the opportunity to show skills, exchange ideas, and increase the interaction of the community
and cohesion.
6. Cultivate future community efforts: After one year, all cadres will be handed over to the next members,
The purpose is to expand the management team, cultivate new talents, and enable the club to have more
evolutionary space.
Medium-term goal (within 2~4 years): to expand the network outside the school and increase the number of fans in the community
1. Organize larger skateboarding events: organize large-scale skateboarding competitions and exhibitions
The location of the organizer, attracting more contestants and audiences, increasing the club's popularity and influence
2. Purchase equipment and equipment: after the overall strength of the members reaches the level, order suitable for members
Skateboard props, and take protective measures to allow members to use the basic facilities, and
Purchase suitable teaching equipment, such as stereos, microphones, etc., and even have a camera
3. Cultivate skateboarding talents: plan skateboarding training courses and provide more professional and systematic skateboarding
Skills training, hiring lecturers to provide management and marketing-related courses for cadre training
Produce more outstanding community talents.
4. Expand partners: cooperate with other skateboard associations, skateboard brands and venues to expand
A stable partner of the community, to jointly promote the development and popularization of skateboarding culture.
5. Improve the operation efficiency of associations: optimize the management system, scientific association operation system and management
management mechanism to improve the operational efficiency and management level of associations.
6. Optimize digital accounts: Transform IG into a skateboard knowledge-based account to provide skateboard knowledge
knowledge delivery, shooting skateboarding instructional videos, and providing business distribution services, in the digital
With a certain foundation of digital accounts, expand the network marketing circle and establish Youtube
Channel, Xiaohongshu and other platforms to increase the number of online fans to attract more off-campus
people to join.
Long-term goal (more than 5 years): Towards commercial development and accumulating social capital
1. Establish the brand image of the association: through the establishment of a professional association brand image and style,
Let the image of the association be clearer, the cohesion stronger, and more people recognize and support
Support skateboarding culture.
2. Start to develop business operations, design and sell brand souvenirs for sale,
l Make MCUSB brand T-shirts, hats and other skateboard brand peripherals.
l Launch skateboarding courses, rent indoor skateboarding grounds, provide free experience and paid teaching.
l Organize skateboard competitions to increase exposure and income.
3. Establish the status of the association in the industry: through continuous efforts and development, the association will become an insider
leader, and has established a good reputation and influence in the industry, with stable praise
Help resources and make more contributions to the development of skateboard culture.
4. Expand the scope of influence of the community: After gaining a certain status in the skateboard community, cooperate with other schools
For the establishment of skateboard clubs, many profit-making activities, competitions, etc., through activities
Earn community funds. Expand further by hosting more skateboarding events and competitions
The scope of influence of the club has even become an indicator club in the skateboard field in Taiwan,
Promote skateboarding culture and let more people participate in skateboarding.
5. Actively participate in social welfare activities: In addition to the promotion of skateboard culture, associations should also
We should actively participate in social welfare activities to combine skateboarding culture with social development.
Improve the community's sense of social responsibility and public welfare. Ex: Charity fundraising, donating associations
Brand-related clothing, driving primary and secondary schools in remote areas.
6. Establish the social status of the association: the association should establish a good status in the society so that more
Many people know and support skateboarding culture and become an influential force in society
quantity. It can be improved by holding public welfare activities and cooperating with businesses to shoot advertisements, etc.
The popularity and image of the association in the society.

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