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Personality traits: Leadership。Respect for others

Positions of associations:Club President /network management

club experience :Club President of Sanmin High School Skateboard Club




Personality traits: especially love to eat

Positions of associations:vice president

club experience :Chief Financial Officer of Guangren High School Class Association




Personality traits: like thinking

Positions of associations:executive Secretary

club experience :President of Danfeng High School Guitar Club, Director of Danfeng High School Social Association




Personality traits: humorous and cheerful

Positions of associations:PR chief

club experience :No social experience, but a wide range of social circles, once played mahjong with the Atomic Boys, had dinner with a famous rapper, and sang with a designer of a famous clothing brand




Personality traits: Responsible

Positions of associations:chief financial officer

club experience :Huajiang High School Light Work Club General Affairs 



Personality traits: Self-discipline and prudence

Positions of associations:activity manager

club experience :New Taipei High School Freshman Growth Camp Activity Director 1 New Taipei High School Alumni Association 19th Sending off to the old US Propaganda Director, New Taipei High School Alumni Association 20 Vice-Caller



Personality traits: willing to listen

Positions of associations:side activity

club experience :The university has participated in the famous coffee club, the Hong Kong and Macau Friendship Association, and the all-round talent training camp.



Personality traits: Eager to help others

Positions of associations:equipment length

club experience :Cognitio College (Hong Kong) Vice President of External Affairs of High School Student Union



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