Club Introduction

This club is formed to enhance people’s knowledge about astronomy through observation and sharing information. Our achievement is to attract people’s interests in astronomy and increase the astronomical facilities in school.

Have you ever thought to make wishes to the meteors? Wish to snap beautiful starry photos like a profesional photographer? Hope to recognise planets and horoscope easily from the starry night? Wish to observe stars and planets through the astronomical telescope? Let us explore the mysteries of the night sky together by joining the MCU Astronomy Club!
We will have weekly club lesson to talk about the knowledge of astronomy, have some interesting science experiments, and have a two days one night astronomy camp at stargazing spot every semester! Our club will also held service learning activities so that our members could accumulate service learning hours at the same time! Besides, you could also learn simple astrology skills, photograph editing skills and more! Don't miss this great chance to enhance your university life!
We will lead you to enter the world of astronomy, our club lesson including teaching you how to recognise the position of stars in different seasons, the technique of using astronomical telescope, the skills of astrophotography, the knowledge of modern and ancient chinese astronomy and related scientific knowledge. You could practice your astronomy skills by joining our astronomy camp and service learning activities too!
You are welcome to join our club no matter you are green or profesional in this field. Let us improve our astronomy knowlegde and have fun together!