Implemented methods



The plan of focusing on different level students:

1. Do warm up, basic practice to make stable on later playibg.

2. Offer the students who have had basic level and experiences in music with advanced practice.

3. Improve the skills for the students who have not had enough basic and more practice to make their skills better to be quality to join the club practice.

Mode of Attendance


Main points to club:

* Band practice - The conducter and student leader to lead .

1. Warm up: Focus on pitch, sound, and harmony before the class starts.

2. Composition: After warming up, the conductor will lead students to play music and mend the parts which are to be desired.

*Team practice- The extra time for practicing, which are for each instrument leader to lead.

1. For beginner, the leader will teach them face to face and step by step to improve their playing skill.

2. Focus on each part of warm-up, such as basic, fingering skill, pitch and sound etc.

3. Focus on composition to practice each bars and mend the parts which players easily get messy on music to get improvement.

Tuesday,Thursday PM6: 00 ~ 9:00
Tuesday: Student conductor militia
Wednesday: Command teacher militia


Gymnasium floor stage