Conductor: Dr. Lin
          From high school into the school marching band, came into contact with learning saxophone, he was the fusion of classical and pop and jazz instruments fascinated and began to love in the pipe band playing music with you a sense of accomplishment. Although only accepts high school long enlightenment guidance, in high school, he began to seek External performance experience, and blowing and an excellent means to begin to participate in school orchestra work, planted a profound musical foundation. Learning far more than 20 set, with the playing skills mature, the ability to enhance the orchestra conductor, the orchestra began as guidance teaching institutions at all levels, cultivation of many music-loving, love playing saxophone students. Now the Taipei Youth Symphonic Band, Symphonic Band members in Taiwan, employed in Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu and many other schools Symphonic Band, served as the school orchestra conductor and saxophone woodwind or segment instructor.
Experience ----
Currently teaching at Ming Chuan University Taoyuan Campus Symphonic Band, Taipei Neihu High School, Taipei County woods middle school, Sikun countries, Li Lin Elementary School, Keelung Chung Cheng Junior High, Taoyuan Fudan School, Dagangshan countries, Fu Feng countries, large garden countries, CKS small, Hsinchu Renai.
Experience ----
Taipei Youth Symphonic Band
National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (formerly Symphony Orchestra) attached Symphonic Band
Taiwan's Symphonic Band
Magic ring Angel Wings Band Symphonic Band Symphonic Band cubs
Dreamer PRT Saxophone Ensemble Saxophone Quartet
Super Prism Saxophone Ensemble Saxophone Ensemble