Articles of Association

Articles of Association


A  General

  • The constitutional basis of our student organizations and activities set way of guidance activities.
  • The community named "dance club", Ming Chuan dance club in 88 years into dance clubs in Taipei and Taoyuan Campus Campus dance clubs, hereinafter referred to as the Society.
  • Head cultivate our students based on the dedication and service people physical and mental integrity of personality and offer all students more outdoor activities and holiday leisure opportunities, encourages students to engage in community service in order to play a leadership capacity, enhance service experience. Head support any activity that may violate the aforementioned purpose.
  • The community was established tenet is: "to promote the learning of dance culture and provide pipeline", the community focuses on HIP HOP, JAZZ, POPPING, LOCKING, BREAKING five kinds of dance style.
  • Awake the community located at Ming Chuan University Taoyuan Campus.


B  Members

  • School students with a dedicated service and dance activities for those who are interested, the following procedure was as members:
    1. After selection of the Societies Registration formalities or qualifications.

            2. Pay agency fees.

  • This community has the following circumstances, be quit Societies:
  1. I application by the caucus passed by two-thirds.
  2. Unexcused absences should be involved in meetings and events up to five times or more.
  3. For the community administrative, organizational, activities ...... etc., causing serious obstacle, given by two-thirds of the members passed by the General Assembly.
  • Society members metaphor of the following circumstances, that is removed from the Society:
  1. Serious violation of the Society constitution, aims or national laws have been confirmed as true by.。
  2. Serious violations of school rules and demerits or more.
  3. Honorary Societies havoc been verified.
  • The aforementioned Article 7 cases of retirement community members, may be the next semester to regain entrance qualification.
  • After removal of the aforementioned Article VIII of the circumstances of the members will no longer obtain entrance qualification.