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Ming Chuan University Taoyuan Campus Zonta Youth Club
Adopted on May 6, 1110, the Republic of China
Published on May 6, 2010 by the Republic of China
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Article 1 Name
        The name of the association is "Zonta Youth Association", hereinafter referred to as the Association.
Article 2 Purpose
       The Society is a public welfare social service organization, hoping to do its best for the society through the strength of the Society; it aims to provide local services, promote social welfare, and fully respect human rights and fundamental freedoms. Develop their leadership skills, international outlook and study career planning, and actively care for disadvantaged groups in need in society.
Chapter II Members
Article 3 Membership
        All junior college students who are studying in Ming Chuan University, who are interested in public service, and who are enthusiastic about women and children's issues can apply, and they can join the club after examination.
Article 4 Membership Fees
        There is no need to pay fixed membership fees, and relevant fees are charged according to actual needs.
Article 5 Member rights
        All members of the Society have the following rights:
1. The right to vote, to be elected, to recall, to create, and to referee.
2. Participate in various activities organized by the Society.
3. Participate in and attend the general meeting of members.
4. Other rights.
Article 6 Member Obligations
        All members of the Society shall undertake the following obligations:
1. Comply with the articles of association and the general meeting of members.
2. Promote the club and maintain the social reputation of the club.
4. Other rights.
Chapter 3 Member General Meeting
Article 7 The nature of the membership meeting
        The general assembly of members is the highest authority. When more than two-thirds of the members propose to convene the assembly, the cadres of the association shall convene the general assembly of members.
Article 8 The time of the members' meeting is decided
        The meeting time is decided by the cadres and notified to all members two weeks in advance.
Article 9 Necessary agenda of the chairman of the member meeting
        The chairman of the member meeting is the president, and performs necessary agendas such as meeting reports, proposal discussions, and temporary motions, and announces the results and records after the meeting, which will be signed or sealed by the chairman.
Article 10 The creation and review of the general meeting of members
        The membership meeting has the right to create and refer to:
The creation right requires the joint signature or second opinion of more than one-third of the members, and the proposal for the creation of the right to be established; the creation proposal must be approved by more than three-fourths of the participating members, and the resolution will become effective after the establishment.
The right of referee shall be jointly signed or seconded by more than one third of the members on the executive matters and administrative regulations of the association, and if three-quarters of the members present veto, the resolution will lose its validity after it is established.
Article 11 Resolutions of the members' meeting
        At least one-half of the members must attend the general meeting, and the voting method shall be by a majority vote.
Article 12 Delay of the General Meeting of Members
        If the number of attendees at the general meeting is less than half, the chairman shall immediately announce the postponement of the meeting and decide on the postponement time, and the time interval shall be at least two days. If the second meeting has not reached the number of participants, the chairman can announce that the meeting will be held by the members present, and the items decided are still valid.

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