Mid- and Long-term Development Plan

1.Under the guidelines of University and School of Management, DIB will ensure overall teaching evaluation for our teaching faculty.

2. In addition to coordinating with the university development strategies, DIB will subscribe various professional journals, magazines for students.

3.Invite experts from the industries, government and academic circle to lecture and give talks in seminars.

4.Plan to set up campuses abroad to enhance the international experiences of our teaching faculty.

5.Plan and encourage students to participate in international exchange programs.

6.Follow the university incentive policy to encourage the teaching faculty and graduate students to attend international conferences.

7.Invite international scholars and experts to participate in seminars and conferences.


     In compliance with the market trend and to upgrade students’ competitiveness in the workplace, DIB will aggressively proceed towards the following two aims:


1.DIB will strengthen students’ research abilities in international business theories, management domain and environmental analysis so as to foster cross-national operations and management talents with global vision.

2.To integrate academic study and practical applications, DIB will endeavor to closely connect teaching and research to enterprises and society so as to prepare students to undertake international business management and academic research.