Annual Development Plan

(A) short-range plan

   Taoyuan Campus growing number of overseas students, and scattered in various departments, contact is more difficult, so the unit will be based, in order to adopt the way of juniors, divided into many small units and build a complete network of contacts through owned network shares information network can be established more quickly pass; Additionally, hoping through various activities to increase the interaction between each other, so that Haiqing class overseas Chinese students and overseas Chinese undergraduate students have more opportunities for exchange and cohesion Taoyuan campus and overseas Chinese students who centripetal sense of participation. Member of the General Assembly through the opening and closing, new seminars, orientation, etc. Practice.

(Two) medium-range plan

     For medium-range plan is to work with overseas Chinese Taipei campus students who organize more with interactive entertainment or recreational sexual activity, increased two campuses overseas students the opportunity to know each other and get along, and by the Interdistrict increased activity overseas Chinese Taipei campus students on the Council's understanding and interaction. Again hope to work with other associations organize school activities to increase exchanges between communities, to learn from each other's benefit, and let Taiwan, overseas Chinese students understand the diversity of the University community, but also to the club officers arrangement and execution of activities more familiar, and thus make the operation more smoothly the Council, in order to serve more overseas students. And overseas Chinese students will be Happy Day, Christmas Celebration Party and the winter solstice dinners and other activities, coupled with the Taipei Plum Club organized community service learning, so that overseas students who learn more blessed to give than to receive a traditional sense, but also in a limited Under the ability to help more people who need help.

(Three) long-range plan

    As for the long-range plan is hoping to try with other tertiary institutions overseas Chinese overseas students who participate in fraternity very distinctive inter-institution of organized recreational activities or activities such as organized by the Malaysian Association of the United BTN, orientation, send the old , North Park travel overseas students will be more understanding of our other schools overseas Chinese students overseas Chinese students who come to Taiwan to living conditions, education status, exchange ideas, broaden horizons, so that the activities of the federation will be more diversified.

   We will also want to organize international cultural day, not only so that our school has been overseas students to interact, but allows students to learn more about Taiwan's local overseas Chinese students from around the culture, folk customs and experience exotic cuisine, but also to promote cultural exchanges between the countries.