Brief History and Evolution of Academic Affairs

Given the highly competitive international market, the "design" is already in product development played an increasingly important role as whether a company can be the key elements of sustainable management, cope with this trend and the needs of industry, the department Yu Yan came into being 84 years in the Republic approved to set up enrollment.

However, with the "design" of the increasingly important and relevant derived "manage" the problem has become an important issue that must be faced, on behalf of the domestic industry for the cultivation of middle and senior management talent in the design, operation and management to strengthen the design of the constitution, 88 years in the Republic approved to re-establish the first domestic "design Management Institute"; another, to meet the country to promote the knowledge economy and lifelong learning policies, then, 2002, approved to set up the "design Management Institute Master Program" for the industry to provide a re-design talent pipeline and environmental studies.

So far, the department's development has a considerable scale and level.

Providing quality and human-oriented design education and the environment, in order to foster a sense of responsibility, good character, teamwork, macro vision, creativity and competitiveness of product design professionals.