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Republic of China on September 25 , 1996 by
Republic of China on September 25 , 1996 announcement
April 18, 2001 amendments to the ROC
Republic of China on April 25 , 2003 amendments
Republic of China on May 20 , 2005, amended
The articles of the Republic of China on October 2 , 2007 revised
The articles of the Republic of China on September 16 , 2008 amendments
The Articles of Association of the Republic on June 27 , 2009 amendments
Republic of China on October 1 of the Articles of Amendment , 2009
The articles of amendment in the Republic a century in January
Articles of Association of the Republic of China in May this year to amend 10
In April of this Prospectus Amendments 10 years
The Articles of Association of the Republic 10 years in March revised
Chapter I General Principles
The first name will be called " private Ming Chuan University Institute of Teacher Education " , hereinafter referred to as the Council .
The second purpose of the Council is a comprehensive community organizations to promote membership collaboration , research education, establish a good educational atmosphere, protect interests of members , providing membership affairs services.
The venue will be the third venue located in private Ming Chuan University Center for Teacher Education , and " Private Education Institution of Ming Chuan University dedicated mail " as the contact .
The second chapter members
Where, pursuant to Article IV Membership Ming Chuan University students to apply to attend secondary school teachers ways to audit the school educational program in the school by students , are our members .
Article V of the rights of members of the Council members who enjoy the following rights:
First, the right to vote , stand for election , dismiss the right of initiative , referendum rights .
Second, to participate in various activities organized by the club .
Third, attend general meetings and proposals , discussion, right to vote .
Fourth, the use of the Council of various equipment.
Five other rights .
But to fulfill membership obligations under article VI of the resolution of the Institute shall cease all or part of its rights or change the content of their rights by the Institute in accordance with the actual situation .
Article VI obligation of every member of our members , both have the following obligations :
First, compliance with the constitution and the resolutions of the General Assembly .
Second, to help promote the conference and will be maintaining this reputation .
Third, the payment of contributions .
Four other obligations.
Article VII Membership at the school have been violated , may request the Council or to provide assistance.
Chapter III General Assembly
When the nature of Article VIII of the General Assembly and the unit members were set as the highest authority of the General Assembly , after more than two-fifths of the number of members ㄧ proposal to convene , convened by the Institute .
Article IX decided to convene the meetings of the General Assembly General Meeting shall notify the Member in two weeks ago , the meeting time is determined by the Institute . But after adjournment otherwise.
Chairman of the Tenth General Assembly meeting is necessary to meet the agenda of the General Assembly by the President of the Society members as Chairman , and to prepare the conference report , the proposal discussed the need to move the agenda and other temporary and will pass on the results of council and other records made ​​by the Chairman of the signature or cover chapter .
Article XI of the General Assembly created the referendum General Assembly has the right of initiative , subject to the petition or twenty or more people with the proposed creation of the proposal may only established ; case created by members of the General Assembly resolution establishing two-thirds of members present at the time , since the resolution into force after its establishment . Assembly members have complex issues and the implementation of decisions of the Institute of Administrative Regulations , subject to petition or twenty or more people , with the proposed implementation of regulations and administrative matters to attend to learn more than two thirds of the members by the members of the General Assembly veto , the resolution become null and void from its inception .
Article XII General Assembly resolution membership meeting shall be two -thirds ㄧ more members to attend , attend both sides of the resolution was adopted members voting majority vote , the motion carried .
Article XIII members were adjourned general meeting of members attending the meeting open if less than two-thirds ㄧ members , the President shall declare immediate adjournment adjourned with the decision time , during the three-day interval is required , but a timely motion restriction. If after adjournment , yet when the number of meetings held in the second , the chairman of the meeting was announced by the participants , their resolution is still valid .
Chapter IV , president of the organization and learn
Article 14 The president will set a person elected by the membership for a term of one year , shall not be re-elected.
Article XV chairman , president duties duties as follows:
First, the external representation of the Council .
Second, the internal processing of all conference .
Third, the faithful implementation of General Assembly resolution of matters subject to recurrent problems Walker , was brought to the attention of the Director, Center for Teacher Education Coordination .
Fourth, the appointment and dismissal of cadres , organizational restructuring or additional duties according to the provisional organization Society.
Fifth, for the next election matters .
Sixth, the president of the conference of need , may issue administrative regulations , but not with the resolutions of the General Assembly of the constitution and inconsistent , otherwise invalid.
Article XVI president , vice president , vice president of a person under the home , as recommended by the president , whose duties are as follows :
First, this will help in processing the conference president .
Second, to facilitate and assist the implementation of the work plan.
Third, the president becomes vacant for any reason , according to Article 24 of the second term , the provisions of the third paragraph Acting President duties .
Fourth, the working group appointed by the President of the person in charge of specific activities .
Article XVII , president of the organization under the home secretary , the United States declared , publications , general , activities, documents, public relations and other seven groups , each one set leader , integrated service management group .
Article XVIII in charge of each group in charge of each group are as follows :
First, the Secretary of the Group: record of the meeting will be in charge of the file data exchange exist , the survey will be outside on the matter with the members and so on .
Second, the United States declared the group : in charge of the plane will publicize the activities of design .
Third, the Publications Unit : Responsible for the Council Journal , series and other publications published and is responsible for collecting information relevant education academic and practical matters .
Fourth, the General Section : Finance in charge of the financial revenues and expenditures , general affairs , property custody and other matters.
Fifth, the active group : in charge of the various academic events will be organized , lectures , sports, recreational activities.
Six instruments Group: Responsible for the activities of the Council spoken propaganda , publicity and event photography and other flat items .
Seven, public relations group: PR business spread among all the groups to perform in order to reach all groups of autonomous foreign exchange .
VIII declared net Group: Responsible for the website set up and update the website .
Nine , service learning groups: in charge of the Council of service learning related activities.
Eighteenth helm of one of the amendments to each group :
First, the equipment group : New equipment group in charge of the activities of the equipment will be borrowed and returned , video output and other matters.
Chapter Society funds
After the amendments make out in the last chapter to show the amendments .
Chapter VI of the election and removal of the president
Article 22 of the election of the president
One , where our members are the president get involved in the election , and in general , direct , equal and secret ballot firm.
Second, vice president of produce , as recommended by the president candidate .
Third, the electoral detailed approach announced by the Election Committee 's .
Elected president of the Article 23 election president elected by a relative majority of those votes , if the campaign is similar concurrence of the majority of valid votes .
Dismissal Article 24 the president of the
First, the president is elected, not because suspension , illness or other important grounds by the Director of the Center for Teacher Education consent dismissal .
Second, when the subject of dismissal by the president , the vice president took over as vice president of the vacancy by the president of the selection .
Third, the president, vice president were the subject of dismissal because the first term , mutually selected by the head of a person , acting president of the duties and immediately organize the election committee , for the president of the election , but less than three months when the former president of the remainder of the term , his agent agent until the end of the term ended , without further handling election .
Article 25 of the Election Committee
First, the head of the Election Committee consists of three presidents, vice presidents and the push to send cadres above , is responsible for the next election matters .
Second, the election officials by the Election Commission in the selection of members.
Article 26 of the dismissal of the president 's dismissal of the president , by more than a fifth of one - all members of the petition , and more than two thirds of the votes cast removal , and removal of the vote in more than two-thirds of the valid votes cast removal , so as dismissed.
Chapter VII of the Articles of Association to develop and modify
The enactment of section 27 of the Articles of Amendment was established with the enactment of this Prospectus and modify the case , subject to all the members of one - more than a quarter of petition , or by the Institute proposed by the director of the Center for Teacher Education audit , making amendments to the Articles of Association Committee convened to develop or modify .
Article 28 Articles of Amendment to amend the Articles of Association Committee and the amendment process convened by the President of the Commission , to amend the Articles of Association cadres above the head of the Commission by the Institute as a member of the organization was established . After the establishment of the Prospectus Revision Committee should immediately notice shall be formulated or modified proposal , and within thirty days after the announcement of the resolution .
Article 29 formulation or modification of the formulation and establishment of the proposed charter amendment of the constitution of the proposal , the Commission should amend the Articles of Association to attend more than two-thirds ㄧ attend more than two-thirds of members , making the resolution changes.
Chapter VIII deputy then
Disa Articles of Association of the Council of the highest standards, resolutions and administrative regulations of the General Assembly , with inconsistent invalid.
Disa will be guided by a director of the Center of Supervision Office of Student Affairs and teacher training .
Disa 22 of this Prospectus in every school year , each member should be issued .
Disa three of the Articles of Association into effect from the date of publication .
funding sources
Spacious Program belongs Student Council ( hereinafter referred to as the Institute ) of the source of funding can HEREBY into four categories, as follows:
( A ) school funding grants approved in the game or event , please organized by the Democratic Society of scripture .
( B) the payment of membership dues .
( C) the member contributions.
(D ) teachers sponsorship.
All income funds , the General personally chosen by the Institute of handling , payment or contribution by key opening two coupled
Receipt and a receipt stamped with the official seal of the Institute and will Bursar 's signature , seal approval to take the double
Paid shows .
Way to receive and pay dues ◎
Member Program belongs Democratic Institute ( hereinafter referred to as the Institute ) of the regulations to pay dues , as the following 30:
( A ) Pursuant to the Articles of the student council , the school requested by the Democratic Society approved the establishment may only be charged
(B ) Democratic Society organizations and activities to maintain operations, therefore, to collect dues from members.
Amount (c ) payment of dues Democratic Institute , assessed by the annual Society for all cadres to set the amount of the
After the Institute was approved by the instructor of the year when , before they may charge.
(D ) Where a Democratic Society 's membership who may apply to the payment of contributions Democratic Society.
( E) According to the Articles of Association of Student Council , member of the Liberal Democratic Society take to pay dues.
( Six ) members are subject to the payment of dues by the Procurator personally opened two coupled receipts, pay the original payment
Membership dues are satisfied , a copy retained for verification and approval of the accounts.
Society must have the seal and signature on the receipt Bursar ( seven ) members pay their contributions , the parties according to effectiveness .
(H ) above approach , if changes are required , are required to consult with the instructor and member of the Democratic Society.
(Ix ) above approach if in exceptional condition , there are deficiencies in the application of it, all the old guidance please show
After the division and president , to operate.
( J) above approaches have switched on a regular membership meeting notice and consult with the instructor and member
After approval , the implementation of force.
◎ funding operation
Spacious Program belongs Society ( hereinafter referred Institute ) of funding operations can be divided into two categories hereby , as follows:
Please approve school competitions or activities organized by the ( a ) Democratic Society .
(B ) the operation and maintenance of the Democratic spending regular meetings to learn .
All game or activity expenses , chosen by the instructor and president of the Democratic Society Institute approved by the competition or activity
Please approve the person in charge of the school , founded on the use of funds . Approved funds chosen by the school after all expenses
Fee based budget may only use . Expenditures chosen by the purchaser to open an official receipt , and in the activity statement
Within a week , on request by the Bursar instructor after school and learn beam , the president accompanied by audits.
◎ funds management
Spacious Program belongs Society ( hereinafter referred Society ) hereby financial management practices can be divided into eight, as follows :
( A ) less than the establishment of the Democratic Society due account of the necessary funds , the funded temporarily kept by the Bursar .
(B ) funds are subject to the instructor Democratic Institute , the President and Comptroller , accompanied by a tripartite approval before they may use .
(C) Upon application of the Democratic Society funds , are required to consult the members of the school and the Democratic Society auditing belongs .
(D) In ​​the Democratic Society longer regularly by the General Membership meeting in each semester , bulletin reference times the current financial income and expenditure details and operating conditions .
(E ) In order to learn spacious transparent financial management , are also required to rally after the announcement , the official website of the Institute of posting .
(Vi ) above management measures , if required changes , are required to consult with the instructor and member of the Democratic Society.
(Vii ) above management approach if in exceptional condition , there are deficiencies in the application of , all referrals after instructor and president of the management.
(H ) above management practices have switched on a routine membership meeting announcements, referrals are approved by the instructor and a member of the implementation force.
The funds Prospectus after 99 academic year Bursar writing , after meeting on a regular membership , please instructor and member of a recognized and posted on the official website of Democratic Institute , the implementation of force.
◎ refund mechanism
Spacious Program belongs Institute ( hereinafter referred to learn ) the refund mechanism approach can hereby be divided into three , as follows :
( A ) formally joined the educational program of the club did not participate in any organized within one year of teaching hygiene activities , may apply to the General Council of the length of the proposed full refund application to obtain a refund after the Institute verified .
(B ) When the formal accession of the education process semester , if the teacher decided to abandon the practice of Health Education Program , and did not participate in any activities organized by the club 's faculty of Health , was the head of the General Affairs Council made ​​the application for a full refund , after receive a refund after learning verified .
(C ) compliance with the above two students refund teacher qualifications should be held to pay the dues of the two coupled copy of the receipt to prove , before they may apply for a refund to the Bursar procedures .
The fund prospectus refund mechanism after 102 Year Bursar writing , on a regular membership meeting instruct teachers and members approved and posted on the official website of Democratic Institute , the implementation of the force.