Take a picture of Academic society

This activity is coming soon.

Through this group shot in the hope that our blood passed on to the next, 101 Academic society can do better


English waves struck Station footsteps detonated hidden world of music

* English * waves struck rival
"If you want to achieve your dream of singing it?
This is your stage!
5/24 England footing detonation waves struck the music world. "
English Song Contest
Ps. Matter what your department is welcome to join the festivities with us Oh!
Each department can sign up! First prize will be 5,000 yuan! Come join us!
Admission (Date): 5/24 (four) 18:00 Venue (Place): S104
Enrollment date (Apply Date): 4/30 ~ 5/15

CaSino A Triple - Welcome Residential Camp

The annual Welcome Residential Camp in October 2012 kicked off. Everyone had a chance familiar with university first activity - Welcome Residential Camp is to expand the network of people you are a good time! The Residential Camp is a once in four years of college, it is not to be missed! Three days and two nights, a group started Kang met many faces to the game; next camp program is full of memories! Should get up bleary-eyed jumping morning exercises, extreme fright night to teach, HIGH earthshaking campfire, first dance, group health games, as well as teamwork barbecue, team play.


Joint P Festival wants you to look good

Once a year Christmas is coming!!!
Joint P birth once a year should come!!!
Still in distress, Christmas gifts do not know what to send you?
Still worried, cold Christmas day do not know where to go?
Still in trouble, I do not know how to spend the cold weather do?
12/24 ~ 12/28 P Building atrium waiting for you.
Time to meet all your needs.
Has wonderful performances every day at noon,
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