*Welcome Camp*

Welcome to college freshmen camp is the first big Activities for three days and two nights, is designed for freshman preparatory activities. Department seniors who want to give every little freshman full of memories, let you feel the enthusiasm of seniors, four years of college, for once, to miss this, life is not an orientation camp a second time!


*Welcome tea party*

Welcome tea will further understanding of seniors with freshmen students, promote feelings and mutual understanding between, there are arranged a series of programs with the game enough to make you linger, place in the badminton court, the court provided a little heart to enjoy, should the British Department is a very happy and warm family.


*Drama Competition*

This is about the end of November each year the British Department should join the festivities all a big Activities from the first grade to third grade classes of twelve intense competition. Each class will make every effort to prepare for this race, race day beautiful props and stage sets are made each class to prepare their own planning, to some classes will be specially rented costumes, the students will be well prepared to cook for honor.


*Karaoke contest*

The annual Chinese karaoke, singing to attract a lot of players to participate, it was perhaps because of the early stage rather nervous, but the courage to competition is important, but also lessons for the next stage with a good performance, many of which cause shocking good sound stand out, mesmerizing the audience to listen to, and after giving applause and calls


*Freshman Cup Choral Competition*

Ming Chuan First Term is the most important major events, specifically designed for the freshman choir competitions, each department is voluntary participation by the faculties students, for themselves and fight for the department dazzling results. Preliminaries, and peaches from north Ming Ming 24 lines screened, selected performance results before 8 school system for the final cut. Before the game each department for pitch, rhythm, or skill have done a lot of practice and preparation, including tracks, costumes, props is through teachers and seniors together to discuss preparations. From the choir competition can feel each seniors with freshmen their efforts, the most essential is a tacit agreement between the students, freshmen Cup choir competition will be a very special experience and memories.


*Cheerleading  Competition*

Cheerleading competition that is the most anticipated Activities Ming Chuan student, held in Taoyuan Arena, each department is ready to go all out this game, and certainly not to be the British Department For example, in addition to weekdays, holidays are also day and night rehearsing, from the beginning to warm up each dance, led by seniors intentions, so that every one who exercises Lala from jerky pace to ensure perfect performance proficiency, as well as props are the British Department of you should carefully co-accomplish this is not a competition, but rather to show that more than a month effort, the music a start, we have with confidence and a smile to the face of the game, the result is not important, important is that we can sustain the final , can still stand tall, with the most complete gesture painted dot.