CaSino A Triple - Welcome Residential Camp

The annual Welcome Residential Camp in October 2012 kicked off. Everyone had a chance familiar with university first activity - Welcome Residential Camp is to expand the network of people you are a good time! The Residential Camp is a once in four years of college, it is not to be missed! Three days and two nights, a group started Kang met many faces to the game; next camp program is full of memories! Should get up bleary-eyed jumping morning exercises, extreme fright night to teach, HIGH earthshaking campfire, first dance, group health games, as well as teamwork barbecue, team play. The camp is really just three days is not enough! Enough! Enough! Warm music, grasp the last turtle card, these three days and a new friend you want to say, all written on contact! Dismay picture fresh. Today recalls a last-ditch earth game, or find it difficult to have to have the opportunity to partner with the university and mutual help quite! Yelling ~ Come on! Come on! Come on! More warming in a short time of each other's feelings! The three days short handed friends outside the department, and a group of seniors to lead us intimate intentions are ~ blood Residential Camp success!