From academic research to legislative practice-Judicial Career Interview Lecture 7


In this lecture, we have invited Members of Legislative Yuan "Huang, Kuo-Chang"!!

Through this lecture, Legislator Huang shared many cases of legislative practice with us, and also answered many questions from students, I believe you must have a better understanding of the content of legislative practice~

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation, and thank you to all the staff for their help~

There will be more events to be held in the future, and we hope you can participate in it!


Don't come to read the law? The gap between expectations and reality-Judicial Career Interview Lecture 6

2024/3/26 (Tue) 18:00-21:00

In this lecture, we invited a well-known lawyer, Mr. Lu Qiuyuan, to share with us many practical cases in the profession, the difference between books and practice, and the unknown side of lawyer's work, and also solved the questions of many students!

Thanks to the participation of the members and the cooperation of all the cadres~


The importance of legal services to legal education-Judicial Career Interview Lecture 5

2024/03/14 (tue) 18:00-22:00

We have invited Professor Wang Huangyu, Dean of the School of Law of National Taiwan University, to give a speech to us~
Through this speech, we have learned about different levels of legal knowledge, and also let us pay more attention to legal services!

2023 Visits to Legal External Organizations and Institutions 2-the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau


Today, we visited the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau.
This visit provided us with insights into the operational framework, job responsibilities, and training programs of the bureau.  Welcome students interested in the workings of the Investigation Bureau to consider taking the examination after graduation!



2023 Legal Consultation for the Community 3

2023/12/15 (五) 09:00~12:00
For the first time, our agency invites the Legal Aid Foundation to assist in providing community legal consultation.
Lawyers conduct community legal service consultation activities in schools, so that students can personally handle actual social cases, increase their own experience and use what they have learned.