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Chapter I General Principles

Article I This Student Association was denominated as S.A. of Counseling and Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Ming Chuan University (Mentioned as S.A. as below).

Article II The students in Counseling and Industrial- Organizational Psychology are the members of the S.A..

Article III The main purposes of the S.A. established are to serve members, strive for the rights of the S.A. and enhance the communication of the departments of the school.

Article IV Our association was founded to serve the function of consolidating the relationship between teachers and students via various activities.

Article V Every member in the S.A. should obey the bylaws.

Article VI The S.A. is conducted by the related unites in school and the teachers of this department (conducted by our chairman of the department and substituted by the chairman's secretary.


Chapter II Organizations and Responsibilities of the S.A.

Article I Election of the President, Vice-president and the other cadre members:

1. The freshman turning to be the sophomores or the sophomores turning to be the juniors can campaign freely for the President, but he/she should qualify for the regulation of school.

2. If there is just one candidate in the elect, the members’ vote have to over 50% at all, the percentage of votes obtained have to over 50%, the candidate will be candidate. If not so, it will be reaction. If not enough threshold needed to pass then we need to vote again, we can add new candidates.   

3. If there is no one on campaign, the last cadres of association, every class of freshman turning to be the sophomores and sophomore turning to be the junior should assign at least one candidate.All the candidates of chairman of Student Association sould be volunteered. If there is no volunteer, one of the directors in the Student Association will be the candidate due to his/her responsibility as a director of our Student Association. The candidate who wins a vote over half of the party cannot refuse the nomination.

4. The Vice-president, secretary and the other cadre members are nominated by the President or by recommend.

5. The term of service of President and Vice-president is one year till the new school year re-electing. The re-election date is in accordance with the regulations of the school.


Article II Recall of the President and Department Student Representatives :

1. First, Members have to have one-third of the signatories to the Department Student Representatives to recall the president and department representatives, coordinated by the director of Head of the Department Student Representatives members held a meeting, the Department Student Representatives members have to all present, number of participants by three fourths vote to hold the recall vote, have to Members have attended the three-fifths vote, effectively the number of votes have been one half of voting through this recall.

2. Such as president of the recall motion is passed, in ten days to elect new president and cabinet members, and on the 20th to complete the transfer of.

3. If the Department Student Representatives on behalf of the adoption of the recall, may choose a new student parliamentary within ten days, and was on the 20th to complete the transfer of.    

 4.If the president and department representative is being recalled in the second semester, then the recalled post will be re-election in advance.   

Article III  Removal and Suspension of President and Department Student Representatives:

1.If the president is being suspension, the vice-president will assume the role of president. Thus, the new president will nominate someone to be the next vice president. If we don’t have the vice- president to succeed, then we should vote the new president directly. If the transfer in the second semester, then we should succeed the next president.   

2.If the student representatives is being suspension, may choose a new Student Representative within 10days and shall take place within 20days.

Article IV The Duty of the President:

1. Interlay President stands for our S.A..

2. The President will accomplish the duty and recall the rights of the organizers.

3. Be responsible for the coordinating communication of the divisions.

4. To urge the promotion of every activity.

5. The President has the obligation to hold the meeting of S.A..

6. The President has to stand for the S.A. to attend the meeting.


Article V The Duty of the Vice-president:

1. To assist the President to handle the affairs in the S.A..

2. The Vice-president process the things what the President consign to.

3. Substitute for the President when he/she can't practice the duty.

4. The Vice-president has to help the President to supervise the scheduled progress.


Article VI The Duty of the Programs General Secretary:

1. Assist and remind the President  of handling general affairs.(106 on Nov.21th Amendment)

2. Convey the meeting process.

3. Explain the bylaws of our S.A. for the members.

4. Record, adjust and file the meetings.

5. The Secretary has to help the President to supervise the scheduled progress.

6.  Responsible for the activities of the filing work.

7. the production of various activities declared.
8. All kinds of forms, archives of the establishment and custody.


Article VII The Duty of the Department Student Representatives:

1. The freshman turning to be the sophomores or the sophomores turning to be the juniors can campaign freely for the President, but he/she should qualify for the regulation of school.

2. If there is just one candidate in the elect, the members’ vote have to over 50% at all, the percentage of votes obtained have to over 50%, the candidate will be candidate. If not so, it will be reaction. If not enough threshold needed to pass then we need to vote again, we can add new candidates.   

3. Supervise and control the budget of the students autonomous and expenditure.

4. To attend the S.A.’s meeting.

Article VIII Activity undertake:

I. The association’s every activities use event general coordinator system, and leave association’s cadres’ volunteers, he/she is sophomore, junior and senior, to served as event general coordinator, only the freshman’s welcome camp is In order to promote the friendship between freshman and sophomore, leave sophomore members to elect a event general coordinator, president conduct activity supervise. If members want to add some new activities, we can propose to the association by supervisory committee and discuss in conference. (106 on Nov.21th Amendment)

II. The event general coordinator’s responsibilities.

1.Plan the department’s activity’s related matters, activity planning book need to report association.

2.Need to report the activity’s progress rate to the president.

3.Be responsible for assign the members’ work.


Article IX The Duty of the Cadre members:

Each group leader to establish at least one person, if any group no leader to establish,president will become leader, and depending on the content of each group required additional crew position number. (106 on Nov.21th Amendment)

If by any circumstances changing of group is neccessary, please fill in the 'Group Changing Form' available at the Secretarial counter. After the form is filled up, please seek approvals from both group leaders from the group that you are currently allocated and from the group that you are intending to change to, before submitting to the president and the assistant president for final approvals and consent.

I. Activities Section:

1. Plan the related affairs of the department to the activity of the school including the application and submit the report to a superior of the activity.

2.To keep the activity spot clean.

3. To handle the content of the activity.


II. Sports Section:

1. To plan and practice regular sports competition or leisure activities.

2. To select the excellent members to represent the department to participate in every competition such as inter-department Cup, Freshman Cup and the Track & Field Meet in anniversary celebrations of our school.

3. Audit Department of team approach to the establishment and supervision of each department to carry out team, and assist communicate and coordinate between the department team and the association.


III. Public Relations Section:

1. Be responsible for the invitation and contract with the teachers and public figures in school and inter-school.

2. To promote the friendship among the departments in our school and promote the relationship and hold the activities with the other schools.

3. PR letter of release.

4. Responsible for all contact

5. Responsible for activities within the School

6. Help plan and organize alumni events(such as experience-sharing forum)


IV. Artistic Design Section:

1. Be responsible for the advertise and art edition work of every activity.

2. To beautify the activity ground.

3. To manage the Art Publicity’s cabinet.


V.  Information Management Section:

1. Production and Maintenance Department of the establishment of the Institute's website.

2. Announcement Student Association at the Department of Archives Institute's website.

3. To assist the activities of its network.

VI. Equipment & Facilities Section:

1. Institute of the Department of Management and various types of equipment to borrow.

2. Establish equipment inventory and filing the form of borrowing.

3. Responsible for activities in matters related equipment of all.

4. Total summoned to assist the activities of the school borrowed equipment of restitution matters.

 5. Announce the event photos and videos to the Society's website. (106 on Nov.21th Amendment)


VII.Service Learning Section

1. Responsible for School Services with the study group and related activities and implementation of contact.

2. Driven Planning in primary and secondary schools with community service learning activities.

3. To assist the Department of Services learning on activity-related courses of conduct.


VIII. General Affairs Section:

1. Take charge of the income and outcome of the fees of our S.A..

2. Regularly announce the financial situation of the S.A..

And, one must finish his/her own financial statement according to the receipt. (School's f/s doesn't count.)

3. Make budgets for all activities.

4. To cancel after verification for all.

5. Make annual budget, budget for activities, and total sum-up budget for the Student Association.


Chapter III Department Student Representatives Section

Article I From freshman to senior class the first semester of each academic year to select a monitor as a Student member of the post of chairman elected from among its members a one-year term.


Article II The Committee should start the new school year within fifteen days of the establishment and convening of the Control Yuan members to convene the General Assembly, and elected chairman.


Article III The meeting was requested by Supervisor.


Article IV The Supervisory Director should help The Freshman Member to elect new members of the Department Student Representatives.


Article V The Committee's responsibilities are as follows:

1. Supervise the implementation of the scope of business of the Society, the Institute of Control Yuan members and cadres to be involved in the meeting and have an inalienable right to have a say.

2. If the chairman for any reason unable to perform their duties, members designated by the Director agent.

3. Responsible for the class reaction to the Society's views and Convey a message to the Class Society.

4. Responsible for the president and representative of the election, the recall of Service.

5.Annual budget review, planning activities on a budget, and settlement of payment.


Chapter IV Meetings

Article I To hold the organizers' meeting once a week to review the contents of the work and to hold the temporary organizers' meeting if necessary.

Article II The chief of every section report the achieved percentage of scheduled progress of the activities to the President and the President announce the related matters concerned of school activities.


Chapter V The rights and obligations of the Members

Article I Rights of Members

1. Members can enjoy the rights, contributions are limited to paid members.

2. Members have the elections, election, recall, vote, speak, sponsor, such as the right to question.

3. In addition to the freshman turning to be the sophomores or the sophomores turning to be the juniors can campaign freely for the President, Department Student or leader of groups, over the rights of the remaining Members may participate in the whole school year. (106 on Nov.21th Amendment)

4. Participate in various activities organized by the Institute and enjoy all the assistance provided by.

Article II Members obligations

1. Comply with the provisions of this statute.

2. To participate in the activities of the Institute of obligations.

3. That matters for the implementation of this Society.

4. To pay contributions.

5. Deficiencies of the above-mentioned matters, by the Department of Society meeting jointly decide



Chapter VI Student Association contributions

Article I Student Association contributions based students, in accordance with the Department of fee collection regulations draw a four-year total of $ 4800.

※  First year students received the full $ 4800, second-year transfer to the Department of Health received $ 800, junior transfer to the Department of Health $ 500


Article II Planning Department fee of $ 4800

1. Department of clothes and Department of jacket: $1300

2. Welcome party: $1500

3. Cheerleader: $1200

4. Events on department: $700(year2 $300,year3 $300,year4 $100)

5. Farewell party: $100


Article IIDepartment of fee Attention

1. If you can’t once paid $ 4800, you can apply to learn installments paid, audited by persons, can be divided into four semesters, a payment of $ 1200, if there are special conditions, depending on the situation would be to convene a special session. 

2. Department of fee if paid, did not take part in welcoming the new, retired $ 800

3. If freshman transferred will back $ 4800 (if any part in orientation programs, the Department of clothes ... and other activities, have to minus its costs), sophomore transfer back $ 1400, third $ 800 out of retirement. (106 on Nov.21th Amendment)

4.If freshman payed the money, but after he have a accident. We will refund that the activites he never to take.

Chapter VII of the Institute of Psychology to amend the organizational rules

Article I Amendments
1. The need to convene a meeting, learn the cadres and the supervisory committee to be present,if need to assign agent,will take a identification document. (106 on Nov.21th Amendment)
2.To amend the provisions of the proposed by the cadres, and explain the reasons for the change, subject to the consent of the JISC.
Note: The remaining details of the remaining provisions may be agreed upon at the meeting




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