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Equipment Rules and Regulations

  1. Bothe teachers and students for each grade by the Institute of goods, equipment qualification.
  2. Such as the boost of any goods, equipment loan applications are required to fill out a single, long line equipment by signing the agreement in order to lend.
  3. Single loan equipment to learn to your own website, or get to thought the equipment long, lend a unified list of all formats, please fill out according to an example of detailed.
  4. After the completion of the two days, shall use the equipment, the full return of items; To renew, fill out the loan application to be single again, signed by the equipment long agreed.
  5. If the items in the loan process, unfortunately, wear and tear, loss, compensation shall be according to price categories except﹝supplies, but supplies are required to keep records of the time consumption of finished﹞.
  6. The equipment long need to assist event general coordinator in returning the equipment.


 Code of Practice for equipment custody

  1. Department of the goods and equipment are stored in the looker of class BB205 department, the key to the equipment responsible for the custody of a long line.
  2. Each major activity, the activity shall be responsible for equipment inventory and organize and update a list of equipment to the equipment site. And collect their personal items carried in inventory by the equipment group, if not within the specified time to reclaim their personal belongings, the department will be to confiscate the proceeds for the production of.


A matter needing attention:

  1. Sun supplies th United States and the United States paper type is not included in the custody of the scope of equipment group, please contact the United States who wish to use Norinaga.
  2. For purchases, the purchase of equipment to fill in application form, with equipment and long before the General agreed to buy long; For the purchase of large equipment is subject to the Department of the Institute before the meeting agreed to the purchase of.
  3. If wants to purchases item, equipment or purchases the uniform again, please ask the Equipment and Facilities Section Leader if it have the stored before, and then fill in record form, finally get the item and give the money to Treasurer is be purchases successful.





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