• With the national policy to develop high-quality teacher education teachers
    1 . Promotion and implementation of the national teacher education policy implications , as each class teachers professional standards of teachers , university alliance relationships with secondary schools , teachers qualifying examination and other policies.
    2 nurture future teachers have six teaching ability : the development of innovative teaching methods and educational policy response , the center on the curriculum, teachers have to train the next six as the main teaching ability , cultivate future teachers with curriculum design, teaching practice , classroom management , teaching assessment, counseling and teaching self-growth and other six teaching expertise. And in the formal and informal curriculum courses , increase the chances of teachers teaching students the practical application of the six professional ability . Explore the importance of education theory courses , such as philosophy of education , educational psychology, educational sociology , so that in addition to the establishment of teaching future teachers of basic capabilities, can also understand the phenomenon of philosophical education , they serve the educational phenomenon over the appropriateness and Education judgment, wisdom conservation theory and practice of student dialogue , dialectical .
    3 nurture future teachers can discern the content of the secondary school curriculum : In line with the knowledge of the student belongs specialized courses , mining immersive teaching methods , the high school curriculum and student expertise matched originally from cooperative learning or individual practices guide contact with the students to understand the spirit of the secondary school curriculum , features and content. In subjects / areas of teaching materials and methods courses , instructors will outline lessons into the curriculum content . With these teacher education programs will be integrated into the implementation of teaching secondary school curriculum , to promote the education of students during internship , to have the ability to subjects / fields of teaching practice .
    4 nurture future teachers to have knowledge of and sensitivity to issues related to education : Sex education, environmental education , career education , home economics education, information education ) and multicultural education , life education, marine education into teaching history . Another education-related events, which is also the central theme of teaching teachers through the ins and outs about current events , identify problems , define the problem , analyze the different positions of interpretation , ideology and comments , so that future teachers to different ways of thinking for educational affairs or position to understand educational events , training with the ability of independent thinking .
    Emphasis on the ability to use multimedia , business trends in society to meet human care and creativity
    Ming Chuan Su of " strict control ground to teach " is known , set " children who are children of our own ," the concept of the use of information technology courses for three years , laying the basic knowledge of multimedia applications . The center in the formal curriculum and informal curriculum potential entities , in addition to fostering knowledge of the professional field of education , to help inspire , showing the various specialized fields and content innovation ; emphasizes use of multimedia capabilities , the development of digital textbooks ; emphasis on training future teachers' concerns about the status of education , look at the emotional and intellectual enlightenment cultivate an environment , able to call upon the humane care and creative re- educated students ; students learn more amplification teacher learning opportunities for disadvantaged students , from the experience of educational opportunities fairness, because he was teaching, there are no classes to teach , to help teachers and students are counseling students grow up happy . This is a concrete manifestation of intention to appear in the teachings of the learned , but the dedication and enthusiasm for education .
    Enhance students' English proficiency and foster its international strength
    Features of the e educational environment with globalization and internationalization , knowledge circulation and create an unprecedented scale with sweeping across the world ; English skills to the next generation 's competitiveness is bound to have a decisive impact . Our students according to the overall curriculum planning to attend the school for four years in English, hoping to foster teachers have English proficiency and international perspective . Use of foreign students in the school for the country 's most most of the advantages of private schools , in order to carry out the training of teachers in schools teaching exchange students , and enhance the ability of teaching Chinese language teachers for the output section .
    Define the ideal teacher should develop both the scribes and human qualities and content division
    To all the teachers must possess specialized subjects, professional subjects at the core of education , coupled with communication and cooperation , the application of information technology and foreign language ability , as well as adjustments made ​​in accordance with the needs of environmental surfaces or into teaching , and with the common subjects , Liberal curriculum , hidden curriculum , teaching and affection of all disciplines and moral education , and education disciplines to guide educational goals and philosophy , coupled with all the teachers themselves and the students' personality probation ethics education demonstrations to mentor students to learn and teachers care system life , for a variety of Program activities to inspire students to care for the vulnerable feelings . When students during teaching practice phase , the center also gives teachers care and guidance in life . The center expecting from the official curriculum guide , informal courses , potential courses to inspire students to enable future teachers have the educational ideals of education and lifelong dedication to the education of love . Will teach "knowledge" , will teach " life " of the ability to " teach people to adults ." Such teachers are likely to become scribes , who both teacher quality teachers.