Ming Chuan University uphold the package concept " children who are children of our own ," Deming 's founder , in pursuit of excellence in education , training theory and practice , with a team of professionals with an international perspective for the purpose . Nurture professional excellence and internationalization of the social elite of the school educational goals ; Teacher Education in the school 's educational philosophy , aims and objectives as the basis school education , balanced development in the next five to foster high-quality middle school teachers and education-related employees for the purpose of setting the center of educational objectives , the following table is a table with the control center of the school 's educational goals :
Chart of the school and the center of education goals
Ming Chuan University educational goals
Center for Teacher Education educational goals
Specialization :
Strengthen industry-university exchanges, both theoretical and practical knowledge , professional experience with emphasis on academic performance , provide multiple opportunities for education and lifelong learning .
Specialization : Professional Share
1 . Enhance teachers' professional teaching students basic literacy
2 . Attention to professionalism and attitude
3 . Strengthen curriculum design and teaching
4 . Use classroom management and counseling
Excellence of :
Adhere to the principle of strict teaching teach Peregrine tube counseling , training of personnel with responsibility and teamwork , the pursuit of outstanding teaching, research and service goals.
Excellence of : Happy growing
1 scribes and nurture both a teacher characteristics and implications
2 amplification Education Features
(3) Strengthening research and development and training
Promote international certification, global education standards and shaping the international learning environment , teachers and students develop a global perspective .
Internationalization: Multiple Thinking
1 . Improve their English and expand international perspective
2 expansion establish international standards of school education environment
3 expand overseas internships, job opportunities