Ming Chuan University Institute of Education in the long-range plan short
Societies Name: Ming Chuan University Institute of Teacher Education
Short program - to promote cohesion between teacher students to establish identity and sense of belonging to the Institute
Society of Teachers Education Program is licensed by the school faculties obtain all the wishes and vetted before they may attend educational program consisting of students . As the members from each department , members of the centripetal force that is more than enough lines . In order to promote cohesion among members , through various activities organized by the Institute ( such as: tea party -cum- mentee orientation seminar ) Program allows members to each other and the teacher training center teachers and tutorials to learn more knowledge , and increased recognition and belonging.
Specific implementation activities : Welcome tea party -cum- discussion guide students , teachers send the old students , faculty Ending Health Assembly
Resources Pipeline : Extracurricular Activities Section , Center for Teacher Education
Mid-range plan - to increase health education teacher professional capacity planning related activities
Organizing and teaching , education-related activities, inviting senior lecturer position teaching classmates blackboard , blackboard race , document teaching , lesson plans designed lectures ...... and so on , so that students can attend tutorials teaching skills learned there are other channels to compensate for teacher courses inadequate. Additionally , through the assistance of teacher training centers , in order to successfully obtain contact teacher qualifications , selection or have been admitted to the Institute 's outstanding seniors sister to school presentations , share their experiences of success allows underclassmen to learn by teachers. These estimates include the activities funded by the Institute of scheduled spending , if necessary, will apply for funding schools .
Specific implementation activities : lesson plans teaching seminars, teaching writing on the blackboard , blackboard game, word game hardware , documents , teaching demonstration game
Resources Pipeline : Student Council , Student Council , Extracurricular Activities Section , Center for Teacher Education
Long- term plan - with partner schools to create a win-win cooperation
Students attend Education Program , dedicated teaching experience accumulated and services is very important . To make the learning process for students to have on-site teaching experience , contact with the neighboring high school , asking whether the school's students need guidance on teaching . After successful negotiations , hoping to be active after school tutoring for students who accumulate so that teachers teaching experience, experience teaching site , which with peers and tutoring students . The above events, the school will present a detailed project proposals and grant applications related documents .
Specific implementation activities : primary and secondary drive - smiling happy little angel of tutoring activities in the country , Ming Chuan University Life Camp
Resources Pipeline : Taoyuan County happiness countries, student council , student government , extracurricular activities Steering Group , Center for Teacher Education , the Department shall , should the British system , should the Japanese , the Health department