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Short-term targets

To enhance the emotional tie to make the activity more innovative and more outside the school or outside the department exchanges and cooperation (within one year)

Inheritance and innovation, has been an important consideration in the team, and experienced seniors percent over the past ten years left to the experience and results, the Department hopes to make the twelfth learn the emotional tie all grades between students and teachers is more intense, To establish a link can continue to be passed along, also we hope to make the activities more innovation, or do new activities, and featured the psychology department, to let everyone in the department feelings more closely, and let the outside line and outside the school more We know Chuan Department of Psychology, and the exchanges and cooperation with us.

Middle-term Plans

To make satisfaction and enhance participation activities (two years)

With innovative activities after and outside the department and outside the school exchanges and cooperation, to make our activities more perfect, we are committed to improve customer satisfaction activities, to participate in activities so that people can enjoy themselves, our activities satisfaction the number will increase willingness to participate, but also to enhance the participation of the associated activities, so that we can do through our activities and more aware of each other in the department.

Long-term strategy

To promote the Department of Psychology, out of the success of campus so that more people know of Psychology (over two years)

Improve the satisfaction and participation activities after, you can make a reputation, popularity of Psychology activity can also be enhanced to promote the psychology department again is outside, the outer lines and outside the school's teachers and students more aware of our Department of Psychology , this way we can get out successfully campus, out of Taoyuan Campus, Ming Chuan out, so that more people can know us, let us also a psychology students have more opportunities to meet more people outside.


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