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Important Events

Tasteme Enterprise Visit

At the end of the first enterprise visit this semester, taste Yiding company visited this time is to develop an app based on the concept of cherishing food, so that users can solve the problem of handling leftover food at the same time of consumption, which is not only beneficial to the environment, but also saves consumers' money, so as to achieve double profits!

This is a rare experience. You can see the company just established. Thank Tasteme very much for  visiting !

Rethink Workshop

Through the design thinking explanation and interesting and practical practical practical experience of lecturer Terry, I believe you already know something about entrepreneurship. Whether it's the stupid cow practice of starting a business with animal characteristics of the Silicon Valley elevator briefing that quickly interests investors, you can help you cultivate creativity.You might as well prepare paper and pen at home and draw your own business blueprint by using the two methods mentioned above~

Create personal websites

The lesson's content was about everybody could explore the basic functions of the webmaster. The marketing Officer guided the whole members to use Wix platform more completely~

Business Proposal

Case Study

The vice president will talk about what case study is, and analyze the two well-known cases of Amazon and Netflix in the form of a group. The research will be published on the stage in an hour. While cultivating communication, it can also train members to develop the good habit of corroborating with data and facts!

Beginning and ending of the General Assembly

The introduction and information sharing of the club will kick off. The president and activity manager will explain in detail the social class planning of this semester and the review of previous activities for us, so as to bring you a better understanding of the concept and value orientation of the club, and learn about all kinds of resource channels and member benefits ~ Of course, social tourism, enterprise visits and other diversified offline activities are also indispensable. Please look forward to it~

Business Exhibition:Meet Taipei

Lead for Taiwan: Systematic  thinking  


Beginning and ending of the General Assembly


Lectures Share


Business travel


Entrepreneurship Competition


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