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2023/04/25 Business Plan

There are many types of proposal documents, so I believe that you will need to write texts during your studies or in your future workplace!


2023/04/18 Midterm General Assembly

After the midterm exam, I came to eat with everyone and shared the trivial things of life together, and the cadres and members were also very active in the topic, and I felt closer to each other~

I hope everyone can move towards their dreams! Progress together!!


2023/03/28 Financial Planning Report You Know

It is a great honor to invite Mr. Terry, who has rich experience in entrepreneurship and competition, to teach the knowledge of business planning presentations, not only to let the members understand the importance of financial planning to business planning, but also to train the members on stage expression and communication skills.


2023/03/21 Community Secrets Released

Through the cadres' own experience, of course, combined with the cadres' learning in and out of school courses, sharing all kinds of small details and operation methods that should be paid attention to when operating social media, such as the small skimming steps of copywriters, the non-hidden software of cartographic beauty propaganda and the secrets behind background analysis, etc., I believe that everyone can gain a lot after operating in a practical way, and I hope this social class can help everyone bring different ideas and perspectives in the actual operation of the community.


2023/03/14 Creative thinking

Creative thinking is a capability that you need to have no matter what kind of industry you are engaged in, and it is a strength that can become a turning point in life, and having a systematic thinking model can build ideas more organized. When you feel that you lack inspiration or don't know how to start, you can use the "IDEA thinking model" shared by Mr. Li to think about it, and strengthen and revise it.

I believe that everyone has gained a lot after this social class!!


2023/03/07 Business model

In the first social class of this semester, Mr. Ye was invited to share with the students the operation and application of business models, and the teacher did not hide the key points of many business plan books and how to write more attractive tips.

After class, many students also asked the teacher about their thoughts on entrepreneurship and financial management, and the teacher also answered them one by one, believing that through the teacher's experience sharing, everyone had different gains on business models and information related to entrepreneurship


2023/02/21 Preliminary General Assembly

In addition to the explanation of the president and various cadres, the icebreaker game and simple eating and drinking in the hot atmosphere, I believe that you have a deeper understanding of the course schedule of the company this semester, and you are more looking forward to Chuangchuang~

Let's move forward together and become a better version of ourselves!


2022/11/29 Briefing power│Let the briefing be a catalyst for the success of the proposal

Through the sharing of lecturers Han Mingwen, who has exclusive tips and rich experience, I believe that the members have a certain grasp of how to make a brief that makes people understand at a glance and grasp the main points!! There is also a systematic structural concept for the overall presentation of the briefing, no longer just staying at the low-level patchwork list, but going deep into the high-level meaning thinking, using time to cultivate the ability to think meaning, and everyone works together and grows!

2022/11/22 Cash Flow Game│The Road to Wealth Freedom

In fact, it is not difficult to achieve wealth freedom, but you must have the concept of "income - savings - investment = expenditure"!!
Through the explanation of Mr. You Hanlin, we understand that in financial planning, we must first manage money (how much money there is) - > debt management (how much debt), and then manage money (with financial tools) - > tax management (expert assistance is required).

2022/11/15 Founder's talk course

Through Mr. Harry's introduction, let us better understand the comparison of KOC & KOL and the characteristics of social e-commerce. And the road of entrepreneurship, as the teacher said, "there is no so-called preparation, all the way to learn the wrong, wrong school", I hope that everyone can remember the famous saying said by Mr. Harry whether it is on the road to entrepreneurship or when you need the courage to take that step, bravely try.



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