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Articles of Association

Ming Chuan University Entrepreneurship Society

                                Republic of China 103 years March 21


Article 1 (Company name)

Society named "Ming Chuan University business community." (Hereinafter referred to as the Society)

Article (purpose)

CCS (In recent years, faced with global industry restructuring and sluggish domestic wages era, therefore members cultivate innovative thinking and entrepreneurial expertise, so that young people in learning to understand entrepreneurship and job market, and then use what they have learned entrepreneurial society or culture of professional competence, in the future become a mainstay of society) for the purpose.

Article (Awake)

Xinhua Awake located in Ming Chuan University (Taipei Zhongshan North Luwu Duan 250 number). Ming Chuan University (Taipei Campus)

Rights and obligations of the members of the first chapter

Article (members)

Where school students in learning, the recognition of the Society purposes and is willing to participate in the community who can apply to join the Society, the relevant provisions prescribed under this statute to become a full member.

Article (Rights and Obligations)

Society members may, based on the constitution of entitlements and fulfill their obligations.

Article (members' rights)

Society members enjoy the following sections of the right:

A priority to participate in the Society's activities and to the right activities and cost benefits of speech.

Second, the right to vote, stand for election.

Third, say, the right to vote and the proposal.

Fourth, the other does not specify the public should enjoy the right.

Article (members obligation)

Society members shall make the following sections of the obligations:

First, the Society aims to promote and safeguard the reputation of the Society.

Second, compliance with the Constitution and the adoption of the resolution by CCS.

Third, as assigned duties and work of the Society.

Fourth, pay agency fees.

Five other public due obligations not stated it.

Article (members obligation)

Society members shall make the following sections of the obligations:

First, the Society aims to promote and safeguard the reputation of the Society.

Second, compliance with the Constitution and the adoption of the resolution by CCS.

Third, as assigned duties and work of the Society.

Fourth, pay agency fees.

Five other public due obligations not stated it.

Article 11 (Requirements to be eligible to vote)

Society president candidacy as the following sections:

First, the Society's members who have qualified candidate of president.

Second, the president of candidates recommended by the required 10 or more members of the countersigned, or recommended by the nomination of the incumbent president and countersigned by members of more than five people, before they may run for president.

Section Vice President

Article XII (term)

President of the Society to a person under the vice president for a term of six months, the appointment of a new president can be repeated. Associations may, based on the required timely additions.

Article XIII (qualified appointments)

By the president, vice president Lin Pin Society members produce, for president responsible.

Group IV office

Article XIV (packet)

Society set up activities, financial, design, public relations activities, secretary, information, equipment, teaching, clerical and other nine groups, each group had a number of people and the head of a man crew. After the groups listed above as a permanent organization, but the president may, in accordance with the consent of the community need to caucus
Changes in constituency.

Article XV (Leader)

Each team leader was recommended by the members produced by the president or by the president 遴聘 遴聘 own produce, for president responsible.

Section 5 Other

Article XVI (instructor and consultant)

Shall be required for the development of the Society, the Society was appointed instructor and several advisers, on their knowledge and experience to provide guidance and advice to the Society.

Instructor, consultant proposed by the president a list of officers' meeting after the resolution appointing it.


Chapter mandate

Article XVII (officers' meeting competence)

Terms of Reference of the Society caucus as the following sections:

First, set and change the Constitution.

Second, the election and removal of the president.

Third, That the budget and final accounts.

Fourth, the CCS mention the recommendations.

V. agency name change, community organizations.

Article 18 (President mandate)

Society president and representative of the Society and the floor. Each group's internal supervision duties and work implemented in overall charge of the Society affairs of the society. Lin Pin, vice president and each team. Resolution of publication and execution of the resolution. Members of the General Assembly convened in accordance with the articles of association, caucus, and the president does not specify the other powers.

Article 19 (Vice-President mandate)

Xinhua vice-president responsible for assisting the president to press for Social Service, set the community calendar. When the President can no longer serve, the Vice President, took the president authority.

Article twenty Article (active Group's mandate)

Disa 22 (temporary members of the General Assembly)

Society General Meeting of members held temporary staff meeting convened by resolution, or one-third held by the members countersigned proposal. When the president receives the proposal, announcement three days, and temporary members of the General Assembly to convene within two weeks, as the case of force majeure, it may be extended a week, only not exceed one month.

Meeting the conditions with Article 30 of this Constitution, when only the limited number of meetings.

Disa 23 (caucus)

Society caucus convened at any time as required by the president, cadres must attend half may only convene.

Disa 24 (active line prior to the meeting)

CCS active line before meeting convened at any time as required by the activities of the person in charge.

Disa 25 (minutes)

All meeting must make a personal meeting, and look over the signature shall be the Chairman, may only complete with meeting effectiveness.


Chapter V election, recall, vote

Election Section

第卅 six (method of election)

Xinhua method of election by universal, equal, direct, secret ballot line of; can be taken by secret ballot when the only responsibility of the line if necessary.

Article Saqi (Election of President)

Xinhua president elections before the end of the second semester of the academic year, by the members of the General Assembly elected the next president. If the issues of the impact of force majeure, at the latest before the beginning of the second year elected.

When the president because of the recall or is otherwise unable to exercise his powers successor should be held within two weeks of the General Assembly by the interim vice president, re-election of the new president. When the CD-term former president left for two months, by the Vice President to act as President until the end of the term of office expires, no longer be elected.

Temporary General Assembly convened in the preceding paragraph is not bound by the constitution of a 第卅.

Article Saba bar (elected condition)

After being elected new president of the Society to attend the general meeting adopted the number of vote, and get a two-thirds vote of attendance agreed that appointment. Section recall

Article Sajiu bar (recall the method)

Xinhua recall method to a general, equal, direct, secret ballot line of accountability.

Article 40 (dismissal of the president)

President of the Society can recall the line of each semester, only to be before they may recall the members of the General Assembly, and if the recall fails, the term shall not revert to the recall.

Article 41 (Consent recall condition)

Recall the president of the Society shall be three-quarters of the Society cadres proposal, or one-third of the members countersigned proposal may only held a provisional member of the General Assembly vote. After three-fourths vote of the members of the General Assembly attendance consent before they may recall. President stopped within three days after the removal of the terms of reference agreed to by the president, vice president agent positions to the next president elected.

Temporary members of the General Assembly after receipt of the preceding paragraph, the proposal by the Vice-President, five days notice, convene within two weeks, one of 第卅 bound by the constitution. Section vote

Article 42 (method of voting)

Society meeting to vote can be taken in the following paragraphs ways:

A show of hands vote.

Second, stand up to the vote.

Third, a roll-call vote.

Fourth, a secret ballot vote.

Fifth, the secret ballot vote.

Sections of the vote in the preceding paragraph, unless there are special provisions This vote vote, the vote by the President, as the choice of voting for the text.

Article 43 (Voting)

Society meeting proposal, attendance recommendations vote must agree to the above two-thirds of the meetings beyond, beginning through an effective case.

Unless otherwise clear set of proposals, recommendations from the provisions of paragraphs 1 through number, the rest of the proposals, recommendations, subject to paragraphs 1 constraint.

Chapter VI funds

Article 44 (funding sources)

CCS funding sources such as the following sections:

First, the agency fee payable Society members, the activity costs.

Activity costs Second, non-members pay it.

Third, the school community grant funding.

Fourth, other revenue and expense.

Article 45 (agency fee)

Societies Society members pay the fee amount, age, set by the members of the General Assembly, only not lower than the cost per person per year of the Society should be spending.

Article 46 (publication)

Xinhua prior to the transfer of the balance of payments financial account and organize proper announcement, at the end of each semester final report to the Assembly members, and to give as often as necessary to report to the caucus.

Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions

Article 47 (work rules)

Society of the work rules by the caucus separately.

Article 48 (Articles of Association)

CCS bylaws and rules and regulations, inconsistent with the University Act null and void.

Article 49 (Principles)

Amend the articles of association can not violate the Society community purposes, principles, and detrimental to the community, members of rights and reputation.

Article 50 (modifying the way)

CCS statute if outstanding issues, more than one-third of all members was countersigned by the proposal, the members of the General Assembly resolution, amend it. After the caucus meeting or first by a resolution to send the members of the General Assembly ratified, and may only be modified.


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