Rights and obligations of members.

Art.5: Everyone of our school is acceptable to be our membership who has interest in music.


Art.6: The members shall have the obligation to pay the due. The members that attend the club after September, 2015 have to pay 50% of the member fee. It is not necessary for the members that attend the club before September, 2015 to pay it.


Art.7: The sophomore and junior have the right to be elected.


Art.8: The problem of member withdrawing shall deliver to core members to discuss and decide.


Art.9: The members have the right to participate the general meetings of members.


Art.10: The members are under obligation to participate the band practicing and instrument maintaining.


Art.11: The members shall have the right and the duty to participate the performance and performance-related activities.



Art.12: The members need to borrow the instrument in private shall register the name, student ID and date of the equipment manager


Art.13: The members acts endangering the goodwill or violating seriously the school rules. Provide through President or one-third of members, voting on the recall to exclude it membership on general meetings of members.


Art.14: The withdrawn members shall not apply the mechanism of refund of fees.