Organizations and Associations & the Responsibilities of Core Member

Art.15: President


(1) To handle all the things of the association.

(2) To convene meetings and also be the Session Chair.

(3) Try the best to get the right the association has had.

(4) To pass on the informations between the school and the association.

(5) If there is any argues between the core members, the president should be the coordinator beside the rules.

(6) Knowing all the procedure of the school, for example to write the official documents and to harmonize the sites.

(7) To be in charge of the contact with the partners.


Art.16: Vice President


(1)   Give assistance to president to handle the things of the association.

(2)   To convene meetings.

(3)   Have to be responsibilities to president no matter in or out.

(4)   To be in charge of the attendance (make the register of names for every practice).

(5)   Contact the members (the representative of the subsection).

(6)   Control the preparing job of the practice (standing over members to furnish the place).

(7)   To be a deputy leader in an emergency.

(8)   To edit the information ofalumnus.


Art.17: Student conductor


(1)   The one who is in charge of the practice, standing over the progress of the music and also contacting the progress of the music with teacher.

(2)   Giving directions of the technique or the appearance of musical to the members.

(3)   In charge of the practice every week (also inform the programmed to the members and the people who is in charge of the music two days ago.)

(4)   Giving assistance and supervising the practice of the members from different sections, also statistics the time.

(5)   Discuss the practice of the music with members.

(6)   To be in charge of the music and the management of the correlative file

(7)   To supervise the music and keeps a file of it (being stamped).

(8)    Print the new music for practice.

(9)   Be sure to print the music for different sections before every practice.

(10) Arranged brio’s music catalog (make sure if it is completed).




(1)  In charge of the document resources of the association and arrange it.

(2)  To guarantee the meetings record and arrange it.

(3)  Keeping records of every meetings.

(4)  To reclaim the experience to apply for serve learning.




(1) To announce the message of the activities of the association (ex: Ming Chuan Weekly, the family of the associations and internet and so on.)Send the messages to the Ming Chuan Weekly before Wednesday to announce the activities we are going to have next week.

(2) In charge of brio’s net and to replace the old with new at any time.

(3) Arrange the photos of every activities.

(4) Collect the correlation of the association and arrange it.

(5) In charge of the association’s page, and replace the old with new.


Art.20:General Affairs Chief



(1)  As a manager of financial affairs, to be in charge of the financial situation and record it also do the financial report.

(2) Check the financial affairs irregularly and report the situation of it.

(3) Make the financial report every month (to let the members know the balance.)


(1)  To manage the financial affairs and report the money        which was spent & collect the receipt.

(2)  To audit and write off the activities and also make it as a report every month (to audit and write off in five days after the activities.)

(3)  Control the financial balance (list the information of whom hand in the dues) + make the financial report.


Art.21: The person who is in charge of art


(1) In charge of art and the publicity of the association.

(2) To plan every details of furnishing the place for activities.

(3) To design the posters of activities (after finish it have to hand it in as a JPG to Watermelon sis), to design the propaganda, to make the invitation, leaflet, programs.

(4) Post the posters and send the leaflet.


Art.22:Equipment chief


(1) To check the instruments is taking a good care or not regularly.

(2) In charge of the voidance of the instruments.

(3) Before practice, make sure all the equipment (microphone, extended line and so on). Also make sure both light and screen can turn on or not.

(4) To check the instruments and the number (make the list of our own instruments and the instruments from school with pictures), and every cost of them.

(5) Register the instruments which is borrowed + supervised the return.

(6) Control the borrowed instruments and equipment.

(7) Responsible for the administrative work of the spare parts.