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Tuesday, 2019-05/28 - 18:30

Corporate Visit -CAFE Fundoor

Thank you very much for the company visit arranged by the instructor.

Learning and accumulating experience has never been a goal that can be achieved quickly in a short period of time In this long journey, who does not slowly accumulate in bits and pieces.

This company visit once again gave us a deep understanding .What a fun and hard road to starting a business From a small starting point, an infinite number of possibilities can be extended.

Well~ Having said all this, it's better to act. It's not long before the end of the semester~ Do you have expectations for our social classes~? Every semester of social classes will be different, isn't that how learning should be? It is the surprise that drives your thirst for knowledge.

There are not a few social classes this semester~ The next social class will start at 5pm on the 6th/4th~ It's a cash flow game~ Don't miss it when you walk by~


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Article | by Dr. Radut