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2022/3/24 Exclusive Proposal

Mr. Fu Dayu, who has rich entrepreneurial experience, will explain the exclusive plan book, I believe everyone will learn how to make a fundraising plan that will make the eyes of the enterprise brighten!coolYou say a little forgot? Then review that day's social lessons with iae!yes

The first is the planning structure, which can make good use of the golden circle rules: why, how, what

1. Find out the motivation, the purpose — because of these pain points and highlights, I want to provide or execute.

2. Come up with implementation methods, steps — You can use the nine-square grid to study the business model and find countermeasures and methods.

3. What are the results? What is the value and ability of the team to achieve the desired outcome or phenomenon, as well as the funds and uses? Finally, leave your contact information, so that interested companies can contact you~smiley

The members of the practical session all take college students as the starting point and come up with a service or product within the time limit, which feels very likely to be implemented~ At the same time, it can also stimulate the beauty editor soul of iae partners!coolEveryone really praised!


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Article | by Dr. Radut