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2022/3/29 Create your own personal website

"Create your own personal website" teaching is over ~ I wonder if you have some interest in setting up a website? Let's briefly review the knowledge and skills learned in this class~ Let's talk about websites and domains first!smiley

The website is composed of a host and a domain, the host is like a house to store the website content, and the domain name is like an address to facilitate others to find the website you built. In the course, the president has introduced some common hosts and domains, and the information is in the fan specialty, so you can also try to operate it later!cool

After introducing the basic concept of the website, I finally came to the implementation that everyone was looking forward to ~

Website platform We use Wix to experience the entire network process, led by the marketing chief to explore the major common functions in Wix and introduce the basic configuration of the web page, including anchors and navigation functions that everyone pays less attention to, hoping to make the personal website more complete through this social lesson~


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Article | by Dr. Radut