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1/31 "big boat yacht" business travel


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[Big boat yacht - Coast Public Documentary Ying Yan]

Big boat yacht:
Taiwan is an international yacht Kingdom, founded more than 40 years of "big boat yacht" in the international yacht industry occupies an important position, through continuous research and innovation and international marketing, is still based in Taiwan, continue to "MIT Manufacturing" and its own brand in the international forward the market.

Event Description:
Taiwan's coast guard true public lecture - [also] Documentary Ying Yan Island
This is Taiwan's first documentary on foot around the island.
A group of partners love the ocean and spent 67 days in 2014, hiking detour around Taiwan,
Detailed records of real drip Taiwan ocean.

Date: 2015/1/31 (Sat)
Meeting Time: 9:20 Guandu MRT Danshui Line collection, 11: End of 50 events
Venue: big boat yacht (in Pali, carpool count reached by car after collection of about $ 30 per share)


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