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2022/11/10Company Visit

After the midterm exam, a little relaxed, go out and walk~

We came to the Social Innovation Experimental Center, and we are very honored to invite the founders of NEWSVEGS, Cocoon and Originlimit to share their entrepreneurial stories, and at the same time to visit the experimental center environment, I believe that you will gain more from this company visit.


2022/10/18 Midterm General Assembly

Let's take a relaxing class before the midterm exam~

In addition to getting to know each other through the werewolf killing game, but also announcing the social class plan for the second half of the semester, you can invite friends to participate together!


2022/10/04 Commercial Photography Lecture

Hi~ I don't know if you are a photography idiot like the editor, this time I am honored to invite 4Samantha as the lecturer of this social class, the course mentions 9 kinds of shooting skimming and photography real shooting and retouching color grading, I hope everyone has gained and made their photography skills go to a higher levelheart


2022/4/26 Tasteme Company Visit

The first company visit of the semester was completed.heartThe Tasteme company visited this time is to develop an APP with the concept of food wise, so that users can solve the problem of handling leftovers in stores while consuming, which is not only good for the environment, but also saves money for consumers, so as to achieve a win-win situation!


2022/4/09 Rethink Workshop

The gold-rich workshop is over~ Through the design thinking explanation and interesting and practical practical experience of Terry instructors, I believe that you who are ignorant of entrepreneurship already have some understanding~ Whether it is the stupid cow practice of starting a business with animal characteristics or the Silicon Valley elevator briefing technique that quickly makes investors interested, it can help you cultivate creativity, you may wish to prepare paper and pen at home, and use the two methods mentioned above to draw your own entrepreneurial blueprint!cool


2022/3/29 Create your own personal website

"Create your own personal website" teaching is over ~ I wonder if you have some interest in setting up a website? Let's briefly review the knowledge and skills learned in this class~ Let's talk about websites and domains first!smiley


2022/3/24 Exclusive Proposal

Mr. Fu Dayu, who has rich entrepreneurial experience, will explain the exclusive plan book, I believe everyone will learn how to make a fundraising plan that will make the eyes of the enterprise brighten!coolYou say a little forgot? Then review that day's social lessons with iae!yes


2022/3/15 Micro Case Study

The first social class, "Micro Case Study", ended with flowerscool.


2022/3/08 Today Tuesday

The wonderful preliminary meeting "Today Tuesday" ended.

Leaders and members are also happy to share their experiences and enrich their own methods, and the stories have been warmly received, and some members have even started to form teams to participate in extracurricular activities! Everyone is really awesome ~


Tuesday, 2019-05/28 - 18:30

Corporate Visit -CAFE Fundoor

Thank you very much for the company visit arranged by the instructor.

Learning and accumulating experience has never been a goal that can be achieved quickly in a short period of time In this long journey, who does not slowly accumulate in bits and pieces.



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